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An energetic explosion of colour is displayed with this gorgeous mIxed media piece. The textures come alive and draw you in with this beauty. Consisting of acrylic, alcohol ink and shellac on canvas 40×50 cm.

Luscious, exotic, reckless. So much movement lies deep in the layers. A true eyecatcher!

Close up details.


RUINATION – This strong, bold design is an alcohol ink over acrylic mixed media piece on 60 x 60 cm x 3mm art board. Ready for framing. Heavily textured and oxidised with a rust treatment bringing out beautiful colours and patina. Ruination is a show stopper with its warm and intriguing tones and depths of reds, and oranges over dark undertones. Beautifully ruined.


ACCEPT CHANGE – this work was inspired by the recent global events as a reminder that change is constant. Change is not something we can avoid. We must accept that what we have in the here and now is always subject to change. What matters is how readily we accept the changes that are inevitable. We should not fight them. An easier path is to accept the changes presented to us and make the necessary adaptations, learn from the new that is presented to us, and to use it for growth. It’s not always easy. Nor should it be. But accept change with peace and grace, and make it your own ! .

This is a multi layered & multi  faceted mixed media piece. It presents with the top 1/4 demonstrating our lives as we know it- our normal and comfortable life. As it moves down the next phase is the turmoil that change can indeed create..lots of “new normal” to be adopted. As it moves further down the art piece to the bottom it generates a different outlook, a new approach, but bottom line is it is still something to be admired. If we equate this to our life, you will see that if we accept change, there is still beauty, its just a newer version of our comfort level.

Original artwork ; textured mixed media / alcohol inks and metallic pigments. 60 x 60 cm x 3 mm art board ready for framing.


Lumierre –  is a beautiful water inspired original Alcohol Ink artwork.

Its full of metallic highlights that invoke a stunning sense of reflections on a calm lake setting.

Available as a print ready to frame or a canvas. Size A3, Contact  for additional sizes.


Mixed media 40 x 60 cm x 3mm board ready to frame.

This piece is a mixture of acrylics, textures, stencils and alcohol ink art. The ink enables some beautiful, deep metallic colours to shine through.

The original artwork is currently available, as are prints and canvas orders .


A digital alcohol ink composite available as a print or canvas.

This would be perfect hung close over a mantle to give added warm ambience to the fireplace, even when it isn’t burning!


Alcohol Ink on Vellum original / digital

This delightful little feather is an original hand drawn piece on vellum and painted with alcohol inks. It was then given a digital media accompaniment .

Original artwork is not available, but prints and canvas can be ordered.


Alcohol ink/mixed media on 60 x 40cm x 3mm board.

This beautiful lotus is heavily textured and softened with metallic rose gold that gives a beautiful pearl glow to the colourful inks. The vibrant lotus flower has a life of its own as it settles amidst the softer metallic hues. This piece has a very calming and uplifting ambience .

Available as Original artwork, prints, canvas and functional art items.


“Marblesque” is a lovely marble inspired Alcohol Ink artwork. Perfect for those that like a bit of rustic and earthy additions to their home decor. It has plenty of glitter highlights and texture to add to it’s uncomplicated beauty.

Available as a print ready to frame or a canvas. Multiple sizes available.

Original artwork is not available.

“Passione`” Bookmarks

Feel the glorious heat that arises when you feast your eyes on these beauties! Warm and enticing colours and textures complete with the must have gold accents to arouse your passions within.

Perfect gift idea for the enthusiastic book lover. These are a bespoke design and limited to one off only.  Randomly supplied from the limited edition batch . Only one of each is available.

Standard small size : 5.5cm x 16 cm