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Golden Bamboo

GOLDEN BAMBOO – Mixed Media 40 x 60 cm (approx) on 3mm board.

Acrylics and gold foil stencils. This beautiful piece has a very calm balance about it when you look deep into the bamboo depths. Provides a gentle, serene ambiance to any room.

Close up details.


An energetic explosion of colour is displayed with this gorgeous mIxed media piece. The textures come alive and draw you in with this beauty. Consisting of acrylic, alcohol ink and shellac on canvas 40×50 cm.

Luscious, exotic, reckless. So much movement lies deep in the layers. A true eyecatcher!

Close up details.


PERPLEXITY OF DREAMS – We can  all relate to perplexing dreams; the ones that make no sense and have us wondering what they were all about. This artwork represents the ever mystical presence that dreams can have. The swirls of directions, overlaping thoughts and images all rolled into one.

Perplexity of dreams is made of layers of beautiful colours swirling in direction and transparency, Like veils of filmy dreams to be pulled away to try and decipher what it all means. Intriguing in its presence with a mix of delicious colours laced with copper streaks.


“SYNTHESIS” – A 60 x 60 cm acrylic mixed media artwork on 3 mm board, ready for framing. Synthesis is a lovely piece that is intriguing as it captures the light and changes the colour perception as it transforms in the light angles over its beauty. Predominantly blue and charcoal colours  over blue and rose gold metallic textured base layers. The textures emphasize the differing colours as the light hits them. A true beauty that draws the eye and keeps you looking more as the textures and colours synthesize into this mix of grunged erosion and appealing allure.


RUINATION – This strong, bold design is an alcohol ink over acrylic mixed media piece on 60 x 60 cm x 3mm art board. Ready for framing. Heavily textured and oxidised with a rust treatment bringing out beautiful colours and patina. Ruination is a show stopper with its warm and intriguing tones and depths of reds, and oranges over dark undertones. Beautifully ruined.


ACCEPT CHANGE – this work was inspired by the recent global events as a reminder that change is constant. Change is not something we can avoid. We must accept that what we have in the here and now is always subject to change. What matters is how readily we accept the changes that are inevitable. We should not fight them. An easier path is to accept the changes presented to us and make the necessary adaptations, learn from the new that is presented to us, and to use it for growth. It’s not always easy. Nor should it be. But accept change with peace and grace, and make it your own ! .

This is a multi layered & multi  faceted mixed media piece. It presents with the top 1/4 demonstrating our lives as we know it- our normal and comfortable life. As it moves down the next phase is the turmoil that change can indeed create..lots of “new normal” to be adopted. As it moves further down the art piece to the bottom it generates a different outlook, a new approach, but bottom line is it is still something to be admired. If we equate this to our life, you will see that if we accept change, there is still beauty, its just a newer version of our comfort level.

Original artwork ; textured mixed media / alcohol inks and metallic pigments. 60 x 60 cm x 3 mm art board ready for framing.


Lumierre –  is a beautiful water inspired original Alcohol Ink artwork.

Its full of metallic highlights that invoke a stunning sense of reflections on a calm lake setting.

Available as a print ready to frame or a canvas. Size A3, Contact  for additional sizes.



A pretty artwork made with blue, charcoal and some neutral coloured acrylic paints with textures and stenciling arranged in a geometric pattern. Kaillo brings in some old world charm with the lovely textures and bronze highlights.

A 60 x 60 cm acrylic mixed media artwork on a 3mm wooden art board. This piece is  ready for framing.

Close up details of this artwork



A 60 x 90 cm  x 3 mm lightly textured, acrylic artwork. This piece is on cradled board which gives added stability and the choice to frame or not frame, as it can be ready to hang as is.

This acrylic artwork is styled and inspired by Japanese “Kintsugi” – the art of repairing broken pottery by piecing together and lacquering with powdered metal to create beautifully visible joins which add a lovely character.

The Quarry is reminiscent of looking at slabs of marble and limestone, pieced together with  coppery colour to form an attractive artwork full of subtle colours of blue, turquoise and white that is lightly textured. Clear coated with a medium gloss that gives an impression of cool strength and stone.



Looking at his heavily textured mixed medium piece is like gazing at a new world. You can be forgiven for thinking you are standing a world away and looking far away at new oceans and lands with this piece decorating your room. This artwork is loaded with soft rose gold metallic highlighting the textures of this calming artwork. Deep textures loaded with colour and metallic finishes. The artwork holds your gaze with the textures drawing you in to keep looking at its ruggedly intriguing depths.