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Looking at his heavily textured mixed medium piece is like gazing at a new world. You can be forgiven for thinking you are standing a world away and looking far away at new oceans and lands with this piece decorating your room. This artwork is loaded with soft rose gold metallic highlighting the textures of this calming artwork. Deep textures loaded with colour and metallic finishes. The artwork holds your gaze with the textures drawing you in to keep looking at its ruggedly intriguing depths.

” Earth Awakened ”

You will love the rich feel of this piece decorating your room. This earthy piece gives a beautiful warm and comforting ambience to the room with its copper and bronze metallic highlighting the textures of this warm, earthy artwork. Enchanting and eye catching. The artwork holds your gaze with the textures drawing you in to keep looking at its rugged yet beautiful countenance.


Mixed media 40 x 60 cm x 3mm board ready to frame.

This piece is a mixture of acrylics, textures, stencils and alcohol ink art. The ink enables some beautiful, deep metallic colours to shine through.

The original artwork is currently available, as are prints and canvas orders .


Fractured Elegance – Mixed media 40 x 60 cm on 3 mm wooden board. Ready for framing.

A textured art piece evoking the charm of yesteryear with beautiful stenciling contrasting with textured grunge. The blue colours interact with the metallic highlights and a mix of neutrals. Elegance and distressed areas meld together beautifully to convey a subtle strength in this art piece.


This wonderful large canvas mixed media piece was quite full of emotion in the creation. Many layers compiled in the making: multiple textured layers, netting, acrylics and alcohol ink come together to form this amazing artwork.

Although the name of this artwork sounds a bit saddening, it was always intended as a gift for my sister, but other emotions came to play whilst working on this piece. Despite that, this piece I truly love and hold close to my heart for many reasons. So even though the original is not for sale, prints are available 🙂


Alcohol ink/mixed media on 60 x 40cm x 3mm board.

This beautiful lotus is heavily textured and softened with metallic rose gold that gives a beautiful pearl glow to the colourful inks. The vibrant lotus flower has a life of its own as it settles amidst the softer metallic hues. This piece has a very calming and uplifting ambience .

Available as Original artwork, prints, canvas and functional art items.


Original mixed media; acrylic and metallic pigments. 60 x 60 cm x 3 mm art board ready for framing.

Beautiful warm browns and red tones graced over textured stenciling, highlighted with gold make this a lovely eye catcher on your wall.

Original artwork is available, Prints and canvas also available.


Acrylic Mixed media Original artwork. 40 x 60 cm x 3mm art board ready for framing.

Gorgeous blues and turquoise colours enmeshed with metallic coppery highlights give this beautiful piece a textural magic that keeps you gazing at its powerful beauty.


This beauty is a 60 x 60 cm acrylic mixed media artwork with gorgeous metallic copper highlights woven through the pretty turquoise and blue textured layer waves, on a wooden 3mm art board.

Break In has a soft and calming feel that will really add a low key glamour to your wall. This piece is ready for framing.


“Amara” : Original 40×60 cm(approx) mixed media / acrylic on 3mm wooden board, ready for framing

The  colours interact and draw you in to their depths, coupled with metallic centre and mix of colours that is so eye catching: Blues over a charcoal base. Copper and gold metallic highlights are just the right amount of elegant contrast that lend itself beautifully to the rustic charm of this piece.

Original is available and ready to frame. Also available as a print or canvas format.