AMARA – 40 x 60 cm Canvas


Amara : Original 40×60 cm mixed media / acrylic printed on canvas



Amara : Original artwork 40×60 cm mixed media / acrylic  40 x 60 x 3.5cm stretched canvas.

Premium quality canvas used by artists then stretched and wrapped around a wooden frame. Complete with string ready for instant hanging. Printed with a low sheen finish. Comes with hooks and string for instant hanging.

Material: Artistic satin canvas with solid softwood frame with a wedged mitre joint and nylon hanging point.

Lakoya is a  textured art piece reminiscent of yesteryear with beautiful charming mandala stenciling. The colours interact and draw you in to their depths; coupled with metallic centre and a mix of colours that are so eye catching: Blues over a charcoal base and copper and gold metallic highlights are just the right amount of elegant contrast that lend itself beautifully to the rustic ambience of this piece.

Close up details of this artwork